babyface 100% Pure Silk Heatless Curls Set

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Do you love the feeling of pure silk?  Protect your hair for the long term by using our fun and easy to use pure silk heatless hair curling set.
Applying hot air and heated styling tools to your hair every day can result in long-term damage of your sensitive hair. If you are wanting to achieve an effortless and elegant curled style, while protecting your delicate hair, reducing hair fall and saving you time, then these sets are for you!
This heat-free silk hair curling set offers a timeless way of curling your hair. 
 So easy to use! Wrap your hair around the curling rod and fix your hair with one pure silk scrunchie at each side before going to sleep, then wake up in the morning with amazing curls!
Each set includes
1x 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Heatless Curling Rod
2x 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Scrunchies
1x Hair Clip
1x soft satin pouch to keep everything together.
Each purchase goes into our monthly draw for a babyface. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase! These are perfect to sleep on with the heatless curling set in place.
Low static overnight gives your hair a sleek look and helps to maintain your natural moisture in both your skin and hair.
The pure silk curling rod encourages natural hair waves without heating and will not damage your hair, all it takes is patience and a short amount of time. A mirror helps! 
Achieve a great curl by wearing for a few hours before an event, or overnight if possible.
    Simple step by step instructions are included with each set.
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    Thank you and good luck!