Additional PM2.5 Filters - 10 pack

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Our 100% silk masks are able to be used with replaceable PM2.5 Face Mask Filters.

These filters are designed to provide extra protection to face masks which have a pocket for filters.

Made from activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth, the 5-layer filter system is designed to keep out PM 2.5 (fine particles) and a range of airborne contaminants. Helps to filter almost 100% of particulate matter, gases, odours, dust, pollen and smog.

Please note - these filters are non-medical. 

Compatible with most face masks that have a pocket/space for filters and are easy to insert and replace.

When they reach their full capacity, PM2.5 filters lose their effectiveness in trapping air pollutants so they need to be changed regularly. 

PLEASE NOTE: Filter inserts cannot be cleaned and should be replaced often.

Filters should be replaced after 16-24 hours of total use (may last up to approx. 1-2 weeks for casual use).

Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns of any of our masks, filters or accessories.