Skin-tightening and anti-aging face mask

Who knew egg whites contained collagen? Their high protein content means they contain a high amount of collagen, but they’re also high in proline and lysine, which is great for your skin. 

Simply add 1 teaspoon of babyface® 100% pure collagen powder for a super boost! 


1 teaspoon babyface. 100% pure collagen powder

1 egg white


To make this simple mask, whisk an egg white until smooth. Add 1 teaspoon of babyface® 100% pure collagen powder to the egg white and keep whisking until soft and white. Apply the paste directly to the face. Cover the area with tissues or toilet paper, allow it to dry until the paper becomes stiff. Then peel it away, and rinse your newly soft skin with warm water. Apply your own serum or moisturiser to lock in the hydrating goodness.


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